The Results are IN! Our masks were tested at the Nelson Labs, and...

Ever wonder how effective your masks are?  We did, so we sent all three of our reusable face masks to Nelson Labs to find out ( 

A common feedback we have about reusable face masks is that there is no real way of knowing the effectiveness of them. At Oddball we are always striving to be better, so we sent in our masks: the 3-layer, 2-layer, and the athletic face mask in to the Nelson Lab for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) testing, to ensure our customers can feel confident in the masks they are wearing. ⠀

BFE is a measurement of the filtration efficiency in masks, by comparing bacterial control counts upstream and downstream. During testing, a suspension of Staphylococcus dureus was aerosolized and then delivered to the face mask at a constant flow rate and fixed air pressure. Nelson Lab performed testing in compliance with US FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. During testing, the droplet size tested is ~3μm, which is smaller than the usual aerosol droplet size which ranges from ~100μm to ~5μm. (μm is metric unit for length equal to 0.001mm or about 0.000039inch).⠀Virus and bacteria are passed from person to person via droplet transmissions.

Learn more about BFE testing here:

Droplet Transmission

We are happy to share that the Oddball 3-layer face masks tested 96% effective 🙌 🙌 Our other styles also tested effective at filtering droplet size that are smaller than normal. Comparing against breathability, our customers now can have the peace of mind and confidence to select the best face mask for their use. The 3-layer face masks offers the best protection against droplet transmission, tested at 96% effective.  The 2-layer face masks is the most flexible - it protects you and the community when you are not able to physical distance, and offers even better filtration with a pocket for additional filter if needed, and with the most designs available, really allows you to show off your personality.  The newest addition to our line up, the Athletic Face Mask, made from a single-layer construction, is the most breathable, best suited for physical activities 

BFE and Breathability


Recommended Use

The Oddball face masks are made with tightly woven polyester fabric that is lightweight and breathable, with adjustable ear elastics, and they are 100% washable and reusable. With the ongoing pandemic, reusable face masks should offer maximum protection and save the medical-grade disposable masks for the front line healthcare professionals. 

Our main goal for the face masks has always been to support the community through this pandemic - Partial proceeds from our reusable face masks sales goes to the Vancouver Food Bank, and we also work with various community organizations who raise funds through their own special edition face mask designs.  Also, our Artist Series highlight and promote Canadian Artists, partial proceeds from the Artist Series goes directly to the artist.  This is the time to take care of yourself, and each other.  With lab tested results, have real confidence in the masks you wear!

Check out the report here