Express Yourself! Be Our Beta Tester

As we get closer to the end of this pandemic tunnel, it's never too early to start planning the return to sports, which is something we all sorely missed in the last year.

We at Oddball Workshop are proud to of our premium, locally made, performance sports jerseys.  And we have not been idle in our workshop in the past year - from further adjusting the design and cut of existing jersey styles, to developing new jersey styles, we have also been seeking new ways to improve our customer experience. 

Introducing our new design platform with vPersonalize! vPersonalize is a powerful online design platform which allows the teams to fully realize their vision for their jerseys, and have the ability to instantly see and visualize what the jersey will look like in 3D.  With a wide ranging pre-set colours and designs, this design platform is truly the next big thing for our customers.  

In order to work out all the kinks in the system, we are looking for 6 sports teams to be our beta testers.  It doesn't matter which sport you play, as long as you are an adult team based in Canada or the US.  What we need for you to do, is to: 

  • Go to ➡ Custom Jersey ➡ [Beta] Design Your Own and design a jersey for your team
  • Go through the mock up approval process with our team, including outputting the approved design onto a variety of jersey styles (short sleeve, tank tops, etc)
  • Give us feedback on everything!  What works, what doesn't work, etc. 

From this point, we can either go into the ordering process; or, if your team is not ready to place an order yet, you have up to 1-year after the artwork approval date to complete your jersey order.  The jersey order must have a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces, which can be a mix of styles and sizes. 

For being our beta tester, you will receive 40% off our 2021 jersey single unit pricing (reg. for 25 pieces it is 20% off single unit pricing) 🎉

Interested? Email us now at with subject line "Beta Tester + [Your Team Name]".  We will select 6 teams in one week's time and will notify each team individually. 

We are super excited to have this new platform to bring our jersey game to the next level - and we hope you are too!