Design Your Own - FAQ

Q: What are the artwork requirements? 
A: If you are uploading your own images to use, your images must have a maximum size of 30MB, and a minimum of 200x200 pixels per inch (PPI) in size.  The recommended criterion for calculating image dimension is by estimating the size of the area of the product you'd like to fill (e.g. front of a t-shirt) in inches, then times that by 200ppi.  You can also see the size requirement in the Image Uploader popup. 


Q: What if I don't see an image that I like in the library, and I don't have it either? 
A: For vector images (which is the preferred for printing), you can check out these website (note: we are not affiliated) Q: How many colours can I use? 
A: You can use as many colours as you would like on your jersey.  The cost is the same. 


Q: What colours can I use? 
A: You can choose any colours you would like to print, except for fluorescent (neon) or metallic colours.  We are not able to print in fluorescent or metallic colours. 


Q: Will my jersey match the colours on my screen?
A: Screen colours can differ from actual printed colours on fabric.  The colours on your screen are dependent on the device you are using, your graphics card, and/or your screen settings.  This is one of the things we check, in our "Baby Sample" approval stage (a miniature version of the approved design printed on fabric).