Design Your Own - How To Use


There are 3 options at the top right corner, when you click in to customize the jersey: Color, Text, and Image

You will customize each jersey panel separately by using these 3 customization options.  The jersey panels are: Front, Back, Left Sleeve (if applicable), Right Sleeve (if applicable), Collar, and Binding (if applicable).  Here is an example: 


  • Changing the color of the jersey panel is easy.  Select the COLOR tab on top right.  You can designate a color for each jersey panel. 

  • When you select a color, it will be filled in automatically on the jersey 3D render in the middle of the screen.  If you would like to apply the same color on all the panels, select "Apply All" at the bottom. 



  • To add text, click on the TEXT tab on the top right.  Once the Text menu opens, click the "+" icon in the Add Text box. You will have the option to type in the text, choose which jersey panel to place the text, as well as the font style and color.  

  • For a name drop, we suggest using font size 35.  For a number drop, we suggest using font size 110 to 120. 

  • Use the arrows and scaling (+ / -) on the adjustment toolbar to scale and reposition the text on the jersey panel.

  • You can also add a border around the text by clicking on "More Tools" at the bottom of the color palette. 


  • You can choose to use images from our Library, or upload your own. To use images from our Library, click on IMAGE on the top right, then "Add Image +", then click on LIBRARY.

  • To upload your own image, click on IMAGE on the top right, "Add Image +", then choose "Select a file". 

  • After you uploaded the image, you can control how the image fits (Manual, Autofit, Fit Width, Fit Height) on the jersey panel, and which jersey panels you'd like the image to be on. 

  • Multiple images can be applied and layered over each component of the jersey panel.  After you applied the image to the jersey panel, click on "More Tools" to select different layers. 

  • For an all-over print, select the image, and then choose "ALL" under Location, and we recommend using "AutoFit" for fit and placement. 

  • An uploaded .SVG file will give you the option to edit the colours within the image.  Your image file is editable if the "Recolour" button is highlighted. 

See FAQ if you have more questions!